A Spiritual Journey for Yogis and Yoga Teachers

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M. George Zarnowski - Colorado, USA

My spiritual  journey begun over 30 years ago with study and practice of Buddhism. At some point of this journey it was only natural to expand my practice of Dharma to include Yoga and then all aspects of  Yoga and other spiritual studies. That is when I uncovered my passion  to teach others what I have been experiencing in my personal practice, and this led to a long study of Yoga science and how to teach Yoga.  My teachings include, Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, restorative, meditation,  spiritual awareness and other life sciences. Becoming a yoga teacher and teaching Yoga added to my spiritual transformation in a big way and that is when my passion to teach expanded much further.  Noticing deficiencies of yoga teacher training courses and how new yoga teachers struggled, I have decided to give those who  have passion to teach an opportunity to embark on this spiritual journey of  a Yoga Teacher, and this is where I am now. With over 9000 hours of teaching, teaching Yogis and Yoga Teachers continues,  so does the learning. E-RYT 500 & YACEP.

George currently teaches in Colorado and internationally.


Mon  voyage spirituel a commencé il y a plus de 30 ans avec l'étude et la  pratique du Bouddhisme. À un moment donné dans ce voyage, il était naturel d'élargir ma pratique du Dharma pour  inclure tous les aspects du Yoga et d'autres études spirituelles. C'est  alors que j'ai découvert ma passion d'enseigner ce que j'ai vécu dans mes pratiques personnelles. Cela a conduit à une longue  étude de pédagogie et les différentes façons d’enseigner le yoga. Mes  formations incluent: le  Hatha, Yin, Iyengar, la restauration, la méditation, la pleine  conscience et d'autres sciences de la vie qui font partie du Yoga.  Devenir professeur de yoga et enseigner le yoga a grandement contribué à ma transformation spirituelle et  c'est alors que ma passion de guider les autres s'est développée.  Constatant les lacunes des cours de formation des professeurs de yoga et les challenges auxquels se confrontent des nouveaux  professeurs de yoga, j'ai décidé de donner à ceux qui ont la passion  d'enseigner l'opportunité de se lancer dans le voyage extraordinaire d’être professeur de yoga. Avec plus de 9000 heures  d'enseignement, d’eleve autant que de professeurs de yoga, mon voyage se  poursuit, tout comme mon apprentissage personnel. E-RYT 500 & YACEP. 


Angela Lupo - Paris, France

My journey into the world of Yoga began in 2010, with a Bikram Yoga class. I immediately felt that a new world was opening right in front of me. I knew I had to dive into it much deeper. Bikram Yoga was just the starting point. The following year I discovered the Power Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Baron Baptiste and explored it for over a year. Thanks to this practice, I had an opportunity to explore the depths of Yoga and began to focus on who I really was. My first teacher training course allowed me to go much deeper into Yoga but also made me realize my deep desire to share my passion with others, my passion to teach and my passion to teach others how to teach. From that moment on, my spiritual journey continues, every day on my mat but not only. I continue having a strong desire and need to explore this universe and expand the boundaries. For this reason, I’ve completed teacher training in Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga. My goal in teaching Yoga is to adapt my classes to the students at all levels and capabilities, to make my teachings accessible to everyone.

Angela currently teaches in Paris, France.

 Mon voyage dans l’univers du Yoga commence en 2010, avec un cours de Bikram Yoga. J’ai tout de suite eu l’impression qu’un nouveau monde était en train de s’ouvrir devant moi. Je devais tout simplement m’y plonger. Bikram Yoga ne représente que le point de départ. L’année suivante j’ai découvert le Power Vinyasa Yoga selon l’enseignement Baron Baptiste. Grâce à cette pratique, j’ai eu la possibilité d’explorer plus les profondeurs et lors de mon premier cours de formation j’ai aussi découvert l’envie et le plaisir d’enseigner et de partager cette passion. Dès ce moment, mon voyage spirituel a lieu tous les jours sur le tapis mais pas seulement. 

Je ressens constamment le désir et le besoin d’explorer cet univers et élargir les frontières. Pour cette raison je suis formée au Vinyasa, à l’Hatha et au Yin yoga.

Mon but dans l’enseignement du Yoga est adapter mes cours à tout élève, à tous niveaux pour qu’il soit accessible à tous. 


Iain Kevin Waite - Paris, France


Iain is a  Canadian/British rocket ashtanga, power & yin yoga instructor who  has earned the E-RYT 500 & YACEP (continuing education provider) certifications with the Yoga Alliance. With over 7 years  and thousands of hours of experience, Iain has successfully trained,  practised and taught fellow yogis & yoginis in Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Tampa Bay, London, Bangkok, Tulum, Goa and Paris,  where he is now based, directs operations and trains under the banners Waite Yoga and Power Yoga Paris.  Iain also utilises his intermediate and advanced yoga asanas and  sequences in personal training, exposing individuals, who at one time  wouldn't consider yoga, to the benefits of yogasana & meditation for  health & well being.

Iain currently teaches in Paris, France 

Iain est  un professeur canadien/britannique de rocket ashtanga, power & yin  yoga qui a obtenu les certifications E-RYT 500 & YACEP ( instructeur de formation continuée) avec la Yoga Alliance de  Amérique du nord. Avec plus de 7 ans et des milliers d’heures  d’expérience, Iain a pratiqué avec et enseigné compagnons yogis et yoginis à Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Tampa Bay, Londres, Bangkok,  Tulum, Goa et Paris, où il repose désormais, dirige opérations et des  trains sous les bannières "Waite Yoga" et "Power Yoga Paris". Iain utilise également ses intermédiaires et avancés d’yoga asanas et séquences avec ses clientèle des "personal training" exposer les personnes, qui à un moment donné ne considérerais yoga aux avantages d’yogasana & méditation. 



Reilly Jernigan - Colorado, USA


Acupunk - Peace Rebel - Body Artisan

With acupuncture, massage and natural medicine for the spiritual heart - I help my clients feel like themselves, feel alive, and start to make a shift in their whole being.

I’m committed to helping people live authentic & vibrant lives, returning to the pleasure of this embodied experience & enjoying presence on all levels: body, mind & spirit. I combine acupuncture & massage to heal the body, inspire the soul & restore loving connection. When our bodies are relaxed & our hearts open, we return to that easy sense of wellness & freedom.

Please visit my website for much more!

Nurturing the whole person

Every session is unique. I work with the whole person – body, mind and spirit – as they are in this moment. I’ve studied a wide variety of techniques and draw from them all to create a personalized therapeutic experience. Sometimes, along with physical tension, we release emotions stored in the body. I’m honored to participate as a trusted companion through these moments. I’m continually inspired as client’s leave my table lighter, eye’s sparkling, physically and emotionally unstuck. My bodywork style is informed by my deep love of water, my rooted understanding and respect for nature, inspiration from music and movement and the recognition that each moment has a unique blend of intensity and emptiness, pain and bliss, ego and transcendence, transformation and stillness.

Licenses and certifications


Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Herbalist ... Please click here for a complete list.

I am honored to be offering these profound systems of healing that I  have been so fortunate to discover. I’m continually exploring, learning,  refining, sharing, and dreaming.  

I look forward to sharing this beautiful symbiosis of art and science with you!

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment.

I practice in Colorado.

Laura Bortolazza - Lyon, France

Laura is Brazilian/Italian and has been practicing yoga since 2001. In 2005 she took both Sivananda and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher trainings. She graduated in Fine arts and did some Thai massage's training in Brazil and Thailand (TMC). She taught in a few countries like Brazil, Argentine, Chile and since 2012 in France. To improve her skills, she took the advanced teacher training at Sivananda Ashram in Madurai (south of India), a training in pre- and post-natal yoga at De Gasquet Institute in Paris and an AcroYogaDance training in London.

Due to her experience in dance, her classes are very flow, dynamic and she uses creatives sequences which presents different postures and variations from one class to another. The mindful breathing allows to creates these sequences with a lot of sweetness for the body and awareness in the present moment. Breathing exercises are part of the class as well as a guided relaxation and, often meditation.

Laura currently teaches in Lyon, France.

Laura est Italo-Brésilienne et pratique le yoga depuis 2001. En 2005, elle suit la formation Sivananda de Hatha Yoga ainsi que celle d'Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. En parallèle elle fait une école d'art et des formations de massage Thaï au Brésil et en Thaïlande. Elle a donné des cours dans différents pays tels que le Brésil, l'Argentine, le Chili et, depuis 2012, la France.  Pour continuer son apprentissage, elle a suivi une formation avancée de Hatha Yoga à l'organisation Sivananda à Madurai (sud de l'Inde), une de Yoga Pré et Post natal à l'Institut De Gasquet à Paris et une formation en AcroYogaDance à Londres.

Grâce à son expérience de la danse, ses cours sont fluides, dynamiques et emprunt de séquences créatives offrant des postures et variations différentes d'un cours à l'autre. La respiration, placée comme point clé des cours, permet d’enchaîner les postures avec douceur et  conscience du corps dans l'instant présent. Au delà des postures, elle propose aussi des exercices de respiration, de la relaxation guidée et occasionnellement de la méditation.


Sossi Yohannes - Bristol and Bath, UK


‘We are spiritual beings having human experiences, not human beings having spiritual experiences.’ And my spiritual quest eventually led me to the practice of meditation in the early 2000’s. Having previously been introduced to yoga, it was a natural step for me to decide to dive deeper into both yoga and meditation and then travel around Spain and Sri Lanka teaching these subjects. I teach vinyasa flow, yin yoga, pranayama and mindfulness meditation.

I honor the traditional essence of yoga, and therefore my yoga style is holistic - uniting mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about sharing the boundless and amazing benefits of yoga particularly with people who wish to improve their posture, balance and flexibility.  I believe that yoga is for everyone, whatever your age or ability!

​I am currently teaching privately in Bristol and Bath in the UK. 

In addition to yoga, I am passionate about life coaching, an effective and holistic personal development technique.  

Please visit my website for more information about my teachings and life coaching.

Laura Ashland - Colorado, USA

 I started this spiritual journey with “Yoga of The Heart” over 20 years ago.

Discovering how transformative my experience has been every time I come to Yoga class, I wanted to share these experiences and the unequivocal power of Yoga with others.  After becoming certified as Yoga teacher, I continued to share this journey with others, in finding the seed of love, compassion, softness and grace that abides within us all.

As I continued, I  have also found a desire to teach Yoga practitioners to ascent from Yoga students to Yoga teachers, to transform themselves to transform others.  Learning and teaching continues.

I am currently teaching in Colorado, US.


Bridget Dumont - Paris, France


Yoga Alliance RYT-500, Bridget discovered yoga during her first pregnancy and has been practicing ever since (26 yrs) finding effective relief from a rare bone disease. She began teaching the Pralaya approach to Hatha Yoga developed by Robert Boustany to prevent and heal joint injuries by strengthening targeted muscles and ensuring optimal alignment/prana flow, guided by Charlotte Borde. She then expanded her training in Mysore India, specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa and the traditional eight limbs, guided by Santhosh Kumar. Next, she delved into the subtle bodies, connective tissues and meditative approach of Taoist balance and Chinese wisdom with Yin Yoga teacher certification, guided by Kata & Erno van Doesselaar. Having trained trainers in various disciplines over the years, she instinctively adapts to different learning styles to help new teachers find their own “voice” so they can inspire students from all horizons and safely spread the light of yoga wherever they teach.  

Fascinated with the concept of element themed teaching, she then trained with Simon Park to help students explore his famous Liquid Flow approach to Vinyasa classes. Thanks to her MBSR training, she delved deeper into the powerful science of meditation and pranayama to overcome cancer and to help others do the same

Bridget is fluent in French, Spanish and English and currently teaches in Paris.