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Yoga Curriculum


Yoga Curriculum - One of Many but Much Different

If you uncovered a passion to teach Yoga, or want to become a better teacher, or have become inquisitive about who you are and would like to find out, we offer an in-depth program you can shape to match your personal journey.

Our program is not for everyone but will meet most people’s financial and scheduling constraints. If you just want a quick teacher training, there are many out there but if you want much more than that, please contact us.

We teach in creative ways, locally, at retreats, online, … often using multiple methods.

We have added teachers in France (Paris and Lyon), in the UK (London, Bristol and Bath), in US and continue bringing more passionate and experienced teachers (join us).

Our next complete program begins now. Part of this program will be taught at one week workshop at chosen locations. Different scopes of learning are available.

Our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance but most importantly they follow the teachings of the ancient Yogis, Rishis, and many spiritual teachers, old and contemporary. 

Embrace the difference!

New Yoga Teacher Education Curriculum

The  new curriculum for our advanced Yoga teacher education programs will be published soon.  Graduates from these programs will represent the best the Yoga teachers can be for themselves and for their students.  Yoga Alliance standards do not address the essential qualities, skills and knowledge Yoga teachers must poses to selflessly and completely serve their students.  Let us know if you'd like to receive your copy of the new curriculum. We'd love to hear your comments!

Special Courses and Certifications

Make 2020 A Year of Your Spirit Program


This program is available in US (Colorado), France (Paris and Lyon), UK (London, Bristol and Bath), Morocco (Marrakech), and      other places (pending approval). and will include:  

Core Module:

($85 or $15 per session)

  • Clearing Session (60 min) – December 31, 2019
  • Refocusing Session (60 min) – January 2020
  • Learning mindfulness (60 min)
  • Learning meditation (60 min)
  • Introduction to Pranayama – Working with Your      Breath (60 min)
  • Introduction to the Wisdom of Upanishads (60 min)
  • Introduction to Tao Te Ching (60 min)

In-Depth Explorations Module:

(please ask for pricing)

  • Pranayama – Bridge to Higher Consciousness (15      hours) 
  • Seasonal Self-Care based on Five Elements of      Chinese Medicine (five 90 min sessions)
  • ... more (click here for details)

Modules can be used as CE hours or as a contribution to your 200 or 300TT.

Please contact us for details and schedule and to register

Refresher Course for Yoga Teachers



Next Course: January 12, 2020 - February 9, 2020

Become a better teacher for your students and complete 30 Hours of CE required by Yoga Alliance every three years (10+ hours of contact hours).

The course content:
-  Essence of Yoga Philosophy
-  Exploration of Selected Upanishads
-  Subtle Anatomy – Pathways of Energy Body
-  Chakras – Vital Element of Energy Fields
-  Pranayama – Bridge to Higher Consciousness
-  Essence of Yin Yoga - The Missing Half of Life Balance
-  The Art of Teaching Yoga – Teaching Methodologies and Principles

Course is available in US (Colorado), France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux), UK (London, Bristol, Bath) and many other places.

Investment: 275 USD, 250 €, 220 GBP. Payment plan is available.

Please contact us for details and to register.

Syllabus is available for download here.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


... in progress but rolling enrollment continues (please contact us for details)

Embark on the spiritual journey of a Yoga Teacher with us!  Become part of new wave of teachers!

Course is available in Paris, Lyon, Bristol, London, Marrakech, Colorado and other locations.

Experienced international teachers!

Extensive syllabus.

Weekly classes online (live) and weekend meetings in the studio local to the students.

You will learn the essence of Yoga and will be able to design your classes and teach immediately after the graduation!

This course will change change your life.

Testimonials are available on our  home page.

Course tuition of $2300, includes the cost of one week retreat.  Various payment plans are available.

If you'd like embark on this journey, please contact us for details, tuition and payment options.

The school and the course are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Here is the link to 200TT Syllabus you can download.

300-Hour YTT Modules


We will continue our 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification starting on January 12, 2020.

Course will be available  in Paris, Lyon, Bristol, London, Colorado and other locations. 

Here are the modules we are making available. Please ask for schedules and detailed syllabi:
- Chakras and Ayurveda
- Pranayama and Meditation - Bridge to Higher Consciousness
- Physical and Subtle Anatomy, Physiology and Bio-mechanics
- Purpose of Shapeshifting and Adopting It to Your Students Needs
- Yin Yoga Certification
- Upanishads and Science of the Rishis

Weekly classes online (live) and weekend meetings in the studios local to the students.

This course will change change your life.

Course tuition - $2700.  Various payment plans are available.

If you'd like embark on this journey, please contact us for details, tuition and payment options.

The school and the course are registered with Yoga Alliance

NEW!!! Continuing Education and Certification Courses


Courses begin on January 12, 2020, online (live) and in the studios of Longmont, Paris, Lyon, London and other places globally

This program has been prepared for Yoga Teachers, Yoga practitioners  and for those of you who would like to learn more about different aspects of Yoga and to begin you own Yoga practice.  Here are some of the courses we are making available in Fall 2019:

  • Yoga Humanities I – Yoga History, Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics
  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chakras as vital element of energy fields
  •    ... many more

Full list of courses can be downloaded here

Courses can be used as:

  • CE credits
  • Contribution to our 300-Hour Yoga Teacher certification programs
  • Part of your personal and professional development
  • Advancing your own Yoga journey

Please contact us for details (syllabi), schedules and tuition options.

 We offer affordable tuition fees and volume discounts for registration to multiple modules. 

We are registered with YA as YACEP RYS-200 and RYS-300


Membership in our CE Academy may offer you the best access to all courses with lower cost (substantial discounts).

Yin Yoga - The core Practice


Next Course:
January 16, 2020
in Longmont, London, Paris, Lyon, Marrakech and other locations.

Enroll via email 

Investment: 275 USD, 250 €, 220 GBP 

The course will be registered with Yoga Alliance and can also be used as CE hours (35+)

Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course (35+ Hours)
1. Ancient Science of Yoga, Yin as Core
2. States of Consciousness, Levels of Being, Roles of Shakti and Shiva
3. Yin and Yang and Theory of Yin Yoga
4. Extensive Exploration of 5 Elements, Meridians and Regulatory Channels
5. Anatomy of Yin: Mind, Body and Spiritual Elements
6. Anatomy of Connective Tissue, Local and Collective Network

7. ... and much more

Detailed syllabus can be found here.

Seasonal Self-Care Program


Based on Yoga and Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

Dates: First Session - Saturday,  January 4 at 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Based on the ancient Chinese medicine each season affects our mind, body and spirit in a different and profound way. Become aware of relationship between the seasons and Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and what the attributes of these elements tell us about seasonal impact on our mind, body and spirit. We will teach you how to be in tune with the seasonal cycles so you can stay healthy and live in harmony with the Nature.  

Program consists of 7 sessions with 2 initial sessions devoted to the concept of five elements and 5 sessions devoted to each element and the season associated with it.  Each session will focus on the dominating elements of the participants of the course, and will be taught by experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher and Five Elements Acupuncturist.

Please contact us for details and tuition. As always, payment plans are available.

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