A Spiritual Journey for Yogis and Yoga Teachers

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Special Courses and Certifications

300-Hour YTT Modules


Next three 50-Hour Modules:

Module 1:

Longmont and Paris: April 7 - May 26, 2019 

 Here is a general outline:

1. Introduction to Acu-Yoga

2. Five Elements

3. Organ Meridians

4. Eight Regulatory Channels

5. Windows of The Sky

6. Dantians (Hara, Sea of Tranquility, ...)

7. Exploration of Postures and Associated Acupoints

8. Chakras and Acupoints

9. Introduction to Energy Medicine

10. Principles of EM Yoga and practice of poses

11. Yoga for specific ailments using Acu-Yoga and EM Yoga

12. Teaching Acu-Yoga

13. Teaching Energy Medicine Yoga

Some sessions will be conducted online (live) and in the studios.

Modules 2 and 3:

Goa, India: 10/27 - 11/2/19

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Six 50-hour modules are needed to complete 300-Hour certification

Please contact us for details and tuition.

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Yin Yoga Teacher Certification


Next Course:
April 25, 2019 - June 8, 2019
in Longmont, London, Lyon and Paris
- Ancient Science of Yoga
- Yin and Yang Yoga
- Yang Lifestyle - Yang Mind
- Yin body - Yin Breath - Yin Mind

- Meridian Theory

- Dantians

- Acupressure points

- Balancing meridians

- Yin Yoga Postures

- Postures and Meridians

- Chakras and Organs

- Breath, Mind and Meditation
- Yin Yoga flows for different body organs

- Designing Yin Yoga Class

- Practicum - two classes; 30 min and 60min Course can be applied towards CE and 300TT hours for RYTs.  We are registered with Yoga Alliance as YACEP.
Fee: $275 (€ 245)

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Refresher Course for Yoga Teachers


Next Course is Available between

June 28 - November 28, 2019

 We'd like to offer a refresher course for some of the parts of our next 200TT Yoga Teacher Training . Not as a separate course but as an elective program for you, so you can pick and choose from the complete syllabus of our next program.

Study of the parts of the training like:
- Anatomy: physical and subtle
- Teaching principles - what is there to teach and how we teach it
- Yin Yoga primer
- Pranayama
- Designing different types of classes
- Sequencing
- Assisting (or not)
- Working with Chakras
- Awareness of acupressure points while in Yoga poses (includes a primer on meridians)

-  or any other part of it


The fees:

  3 sessions  -     $50 (45 €)
10 sessions  -   $150 (135 €)
20 sessions  -   $250 (220 €)
50 sessions  -   $400 (355 €)
Entire course - $1200 (1065 €)

We can also customize the course for you.  After all, it is for you and not for us.

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Embark on the spiritual journey of a Yoga Teacher with us!  Become part of new wave of teachers!

Next Course:

June 11 - November 28, 2019

Experienced teachers; in-depth teachings.

Extensive syllabus.

Weekly classes online (live) and monthly meetings in the studio.

4 weekend workshops.

One or two week In Paris or at beautiful retreat (optional) in Goa, India.

You will learn the essence of Yoga and will be able to design your classes and teach immediately after the graduation!

The course will definitely change your life.

Testimonials are available on our  home page.

Due to our lower expenses, we can offer this extensive course for $2150 (1900 €) and for $1950 (1700 €) if paid in full before the start date.  Various payment plans are available.

If you'd like embark on this journey, please contact us for details, tuition and payment options.

The school and the course are registered with Yoga Alliance

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Fusion of Yoga and acupuncture for reduction of  stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Series of five 75 min sessions.

Starts in May, 2019

Fee: $125 for all 5 sessions

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The Art of Teaching Yoga


Free Online Seminars


Part I:  11 May

8:00 AM, 14:00 GMT or 

12:00 PM MDT, 18:00 GMT

Part II: 18 May

8:00 AM, 14:00 GMT or 

12:00 PM MDT, 18:00 GMT

Your contributions and questions during the seminar will be welcomed

Part I

· Teacher vs. Instructor

· Who the teacher is

· What, how and why we teach

· Teaching as an art of the soul

· Teaching as a service to the souls

· Creativity in teaching Yoga

· Teaching as a selfless act

· Teaching is to inspire one to …

· Working with unique students

· Working with unique poses

· Respecting what is stopping the student

· Alignment vs misalignment – benefits of both

· Protecting the joints

· Protecting the muscles

· Shapeshifting - Purpose in selected poses 

 Part II

Come to the class with the beginner’s mind!

Be open to what will become. Be open to who will come. Be open to who you are right now at this moment.

· Yoga is …

· Allowing for inner experience

· Mindfulness in poses

· Awareness of body

· Stillness in poses

· Purpose of assisting in poses

· Assisting: contact, verbal cues, demo

· Prompting vs. letting

· Leading, following or guiding

· Being part of the journey

· The most important is that …

Please email us for link to zoom meeting space and for the transcript of the whole seminar

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